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Document Digitization/Data Capture


Document Digitization is the process of converting paper to electronic form or images into searchable and/or editable formats.

With over 25 years of experience in this area using a wide variety of solutions that specialize in forms-based structured, unstructured, machine print or hand print documents we are able to provide the guidance and expertise needed to successfully implement your document conversion project.

Whether your requirements include on-premise, cloud based, applications for internal conversion or outsourcing to conversion services we have the knowledge and connections in the industry that have a track record of providing high quality, budget friendly results.

Document and Information Management

AB3 Technologies proudly promotes the M-Files document and information management platform.  M-Files is a meta-data driven application that is built to be scale-able from the small department to the large enterprise and can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud


The basic concept of storing and managing information and documents based on what it is instead of where it is stored makes this solution extremely effective for teams that need to share documents of any kind.   If you have a need for an alternative or supplement to SharePoint, contact us to see if M-Files is right for your organization.

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Computer Systems Support and Administration

AB3 Technology provides over 40 years of experience in a wide variety of areas of Information Technology including software development, networking, telephony and application and desktop support.

Our network of IT Professionals has a proven track record of customer satisfaction and expertise with Office 365 migrations, Azure and Amazon Web Services system hosting and support as well as cyber security and general application and network troubleshooting.

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